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Banking and Finance Law
Banking and Finance Law.
Due to the unstable financial situation in Ukraine, there is a large number of problems in the banking sector. Our company Arbitrum has got a number of years of experience in the settlement of disputes between the bank, the borrower and the investor. We always try to reach a compromise (pretrial dispute resolution), and if this is not possible - provide effective judicial process.
The construction and real estate.
The construction and real estate.
Most real estate transactions (right of ownership) are associated with the potential risk due to fraud on the part of others. When buying and selling real estate or construction errors can be prevented, correction of which in the future will take you a considerable amount of time and money. Therefore, we offer you qualified legal support in the field of real estate, so that each investment brings you pleasure.
Inheritance and Family Law.
Inheritance and Family Law.
"Marriage - a kind of relationship betw¬een a man and a woman in which the independence of both sides is equal, dependence is mutual and there are equal obligations" - L. Anspaher.

Over a lifetime, there might be a situation where dependence, independence and responsibilities between men and women in marriage can undergo significant changes and r the question of the legal dissolution of the Union arises, or there is a need to improve it (like a prenuptial agreement before marriage, and marriage).
Arbitrum will help the parties to find a compromise solution, not only in court but also with the help of mediation, pre-trial settlement of disputes on the marital property list (or the property of the spouses living as one family without marriage), the establishment of residence of the child, alimony, their debts, drawing up a marriage contract, the distribution of inherited property, and others.
Inheritance disputes - the phenomenon is not very pleasant, but it can relate to everyone. Inheritance is possible by will and by law. In each case, there might be questions that require clear explanations regarding your rights. Section inheritance, recovery period for acceptance of the inheritance, the will appeal, recognition of certificates of inheritance void - we solve all these issues efficiently and quickly.

Intellectual Property Law.
Intellectual Property Law.
Modern business is well aware of the importance of the use of IT-products in their work processes. That's when we communicate with you via our website. Companies are switching to electronic document management, they manage time with the help of billing and calendars tend to identify themselves with the brand and effectively advertise your site on the Internet. Our experience of legal support for the acquisition of IT-products (contracts f-or software development, website development, etc..), as well as registration and protection of intellectual property rights (preparation and submission of applications, the priority of examination, obtaining patents, certificates) will bypass the problem which increase the time for the implementation of IT-technologies and make the project more expensive.
Legal support of transactions .
Legal support of transactions.
Legal support of transactions is the key to efficient economic activity and a reliable tool to protect the rights of the parties of the contract. For example, the prediction in the text of the terms of the contract counterparty liability (accrual of interest) may decide the fate of the transaction as a whole. If the contractor violates the terms of the contract, it may be recalled in the strongest terms about his duties. Provided that this does not work, we make a claim. By the way, sometimes the case doesn't even reach the court. After receiving the text of the claim, and in order to see what sanctions are waiting for him (fines, penalties, attorney's fees, government fees, etc.), he preferres to voluntary settle the issue. If the partner has got a silly, we always protect your interests in court, obtain a positive decision, the writ of execution, trace the actual execution of the judgment.
Tax Law.
Tax Law.
Tax Code of Ukraine is constantly changing, therefore entrepreneurs often have questions to reduce the tax burden. ARBITRUM provides high-quality advice on taxation and representation of your interests in tax disputes.
Legal subscription services.
Legal subscription services.
Legal subscription services is one of the most common types of outsourcing in today's business. The legal department is needed for each enterprise and each enterprise whether can hold certain positions of lawyers who have such diverse experience as we do. Specialists ARBITRUM are opened daily with various problem situations, help solve and resolve diverse issues. Development and analysis of agreements, verbal counseling, protection of your personal interests at the talks, support of foreign trade activities, the registration of new companies, - all this will help the business owner to focus on the production process. A fixed and flexible license fee helps simplify budget planning.
Interaction with the public authorities.
Interaction with the public authorities.
Most of the communication with civil servants at various levels requires special perseverance, tolerance and attention. The main thing is to remember that the state apparatus is primarily a set of people who perform the functions assigned to them, it is not separated by the "machine". We are able to communicate with the public authorities, adhering to the principles that help us achieve the best results for you.
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